Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reaction is a process that involves the rearrangement of ionic structure of a substance. There are 5 types of chemical reaction.

Synthesis Reactions : to make

Equation Example : A + B = AB

  • two of more reactions combine to make one product
  • ex. Zn+S = ZnS

Decomposition Reactions : to break down

Equation Example : AB = A + B

  • one reaction breaks apart to make two (or more) products
  • ex ZnS = Zn +S

Combustion Reactions

Equation Example : A + O2 = AO + energy

  • a reactant combines with  oxygen to make Oxide and energy
  • ex. P4 + %o2 –> P4O10 + [Energy] <—is not always there

Hydro Carbon **Another type of Combustion 

ex. CH4 + 2O2 –> CO2 + 2H2O [+energy]

Single displacement Reactions

Equation Example : A + BC = AC + B

  • one element replaces a chemically similar element (same charges ) with in  a compound to make a new  compound and new element 
  • ex. Fe+CuSO4 –> FeSO4 + Cu

Double Displacement Reactions

Equation Example :  AB + CD –> AD + CB

  • An element in a compound displaces a chemically similar elements in another compound producing two compounds.
  • *2 compounds on each side of the reaction
  • ex NaCl + KBr –> NaBr + KCl

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