How humans contribute to global warming

Any process that releases Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is called a carbon source

Carbon sources include: factories, automobiles, etc.

Some Sources of Greenhouse gases from human activities include:


  • burning coal, oil, gasoline, and natural gas
  • cement making
  • deforestation


  • Coal mining
  • production of petroleum products
  • natural gas leaks
  • rice paddies, landfills, cattle


  • Burning coal, oil, gasoline, and natural gas
  • fertilizer

Since the number of trees/plants are decreasing, there is less photosynthesis taking place, and more carbon in the atmosphere

Combined with the natural greenhouse effect, the anthropogenic greenhouse effect has led to global warming, the observed increase in earth’s annual temperature. Subsequently, Global warming is leading to climate change, the significant Long term change in expected climate patterns. 

Human Activities that produce Greenhouse gases


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