Weather & Climate

Weather and Climate may seem the same to many, but there are quite dire differences between the two.

Weather refers to the environmental conditions that occur at a specific place and a specific time, however Climate is the average weather conditions that occur in a region over a long period of time, usually a minimum of 30 years. An  example of weather would be the rain or snow on a specific day or a sunny forecast for a specific day, with a specific temperature, humidity, visibility, etc. Climate would be weather conditions over a long period of time averaged out to basically see how the temperature and precipitation was in a specific time frame without looking through all the annual temp. and precipitation graphs of a specified region.

How Climate affects our lives!

If one is planning to go on vacation, they look at the climate of that area over a period of 5 years for example, to see how the weather would be when they plan to go. This is when climate helps, because weather is not shown specifically a month in advance, and thus one can interpret the climate data to solely predict the weather for the desired time period. The climate of a region determines the basic needs for people in the area, for example very hot countries like Africa do not need air conditioners, because they have very hot weather all year round, however they contrarily need air conditioners.

The SUN! Source of all energy and the key to sustainment of Earth’s Life

Both weather and climate depend on the amount of energy in a region. Almost all the energy (95%) on earth is basically solar radiation. Life as we know it depends on these waves that radiate from the sun. Different places on earth receive different amounts of solar radiation (places near equator receive more). When this solar radiation comes into contact with the ground, it converts into thermal energy, which is the total kinetic energy of the particles in a substance.


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